customized solutions

PROCAPITA Co-Sourcing Services:

PROCAPITA offers co-sourcing services as we always seek for long-term relationships with our clients. We provide experienced resources to assist our clients in optimizing their workforce performance and productivity, while enabling HR functions to become more scalable and capable of addressing respective business requirements.

Whether you need end-to-end HR co-sourcing or specific HR processes, PROCAPITA can help you focus on your company’s core competencies while providing professional HR services.

PROCAPITA Small Business Solutions “SBS”:

Setting up a business is an accomplishment for many entrepreneurs, however maintaining one is challenging. Businesses usually face obstacles that shift the focus of the business owner from boosting business growth to minding the daily administrative issues; such obstacles include hiring the right people and managing their administrative affairs.

PROCAPITA Small Business Solutions bridge the gaps in your Human Resources & Administration Current Practices, and save you the time and effort in handling HR & Administrative issues.

Our Small Business Solutions cover:

• Personnel administration

• Governmental affairs

• Recruitment services

• Automated HR services