human resources

advisory services

1- Organizational Development:

We collaborate with organizations to develop the following critical enablers of business transformation:

1.1 Organizational Design

1.2 Job Descriptions

1.3 Delegation of Authority

1.4 HR Policies & Procedures

1.5 HR Utilization

2- Total Reward Management:

We work with organizations to develop the following Total Reward Management pillars:

2.1 Job Evaluation

2.2 Job Grading

2.3 Compensation & Benefits Structure

2.4 Executive Remuneration

2.5 Incentive Schemes

3- HR Training and Development:

We provide professional services in the field of HR Training & Development to facilitate the improvement of employees’ performance in the most appropriate and effective manner to support the delivery of the organization’s mission and strategic objectives.

PROCAPITA provides practical and in depth training courses which consist of:

3.1 HR Training Programs

3.2 Total Rewards Management

3.3 Performance Management/Balanced Scorecard

3.4 Management & Leadership Development

3.5 Soft Skills

4- Performance Management System

(Balanced Scorecard):

We assist organizations in designing a solid performance management system that links strategy to execution through developing the corporate Key Performance Indicators aligned to the organizational strategy and facilitating the development of the departmental objectives by cascading down the corporate objectives:

Our approach to Performance Management System encompasses the following pillars:

a. Balanced Scorecard Automation

b. Establish the link between the Performance Management System and

Rewards Framework

5- Talent Management:

We provide professional services in the field of Talent Management to assist organizations in designing effective Talent Management programs. This streamlines the organizational culture with the respective business processes and overall organizational strategies.

5.1 Competency Models (Behavioral & Technical)

5.2 Leadership Development

5.3 Career Path & Succession Planning

5.4 Employee Engagement Survey

6- Assessment Centers:

Assessing the capabilities of your most valuable asset; your people, is one of the most important aspects in HR management.

PROCAPITA provides a range of objective management systems and business assessment tools in relation to people through its strategic partner Thomas International which is one of the top 2 worldwide assessment companies.

Types of assessments offered include:

6.1 Behavioral Assessment

6.2 Aptitude & Ability

6.3 Emotional Intelligence

6.4 Feedback Tool 360°

7- Implementation Supervision:

PROCAPITA assists organizations in defining a roll-out plan to support the execution of important HR practices and processes that are in line with the set design and leading practices.

Our implementation supervision assistance consists of:

7.1 Assessment & Gap Analysis

7.2 Organization Structure Implementation

7.3 Knowledge Transfer

7.4 Mapping and Fitting Employees into Grading and Salary Structures

7.5 Talent Management Framework Implementation

7.6 Performance Management System Implementation