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Exclusive Partnership


Thomas International, the leading global provider of talent assessment tools and the HR advisory services provider PROCAPITA, today announced an exclusive new partnership for the GCC and Middle East region.

PROCAPITA is one of the most prominent HR consulting firms that provide exceptional HR advisory services to private and public organizations, as well as NGOs. As a leading firm in the MENA and GCC region, PROCAPITA operates in three key business areas: HR Consulting, Recruitment Advisory, and HR Outsourcing Services.

 “We are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with the market leader, Thomas International. This partnership is clear evidence of our continued success in the GCC and MENA region,” said Mohammad Abu Al-Rob, CEO of PROCAPITA. “We believe that the successful growth and continuity of any firm relies on the quality of its employees. The employee assessment tools that Thomas International provides will surely assist our clients in identifying, recruiting, and developing the right talents.” Abu Al-Rob continued.

Guy Ballantine, CEO of Thomas International, said: “We are very excited to start this partnership with PROCAPITA MENA as one of the GCC and MENA region's most significant and professional HR consulting firms. We believe that PROCAPITA is the right partner for Thomas International to collaborate within this exciting region, to accelerate further our existing presence in the region and global expansion plans. Furthermore, PROCAPITA’s more recent investments in HR Intelligence through its technology arm, ZENITHR Intelligence Solution, is very impressive and will support our joint plans in the region even further.”

توماس إنترناشيونال وبروكابيتا يعلنان عن شراكة حصرية

أعلنت شركة توماس إنترناشيونال، الرائدة عالمياً في تقديم منصات أدوات تقييم المواهب، اليوم عن شراكة حصرية جديدة لمنطقة الخليج العربي والشرق الأوسط مع شركة بروكابيتا للخدمات الإدارية واستشارات الموارد البشرية.

تعتبر شركة بروكابيتا واحدة من أبرز الشركات الاستشارية في منطقة الخليج العربي والشرق الأوسط، حيث تقدم خدمات استثنائية في الاستشارات الإدارية والموارد البشرية للمؤسسات الخاصة والحكومية. وتتضمن مجالات العمل الرئيسية للشركة ما يلي: استشارات الموارد البشرية، وخدمات الاستعانة بمصادر خارجية للموارد البشرية، واستشارات التوظيف، بالإضافة إلى استثمارها في أحدث الابتكارات التكنولوجيا للموارد البشرية من خلال شركة زينثر ZENITHR Intelligence Solution.

وعن هذه الشراكة، صرح الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة بروكابيتا السيد محمد أبو الرب :"نحن سعداء بالبدء في الشراكة الاستراتيجية مع شركة توماس إنترناشيونال". كما أضاف: "أن هذه الشراكة دليل واضح على نجاحنا المستمر في منطقة الخليج  العربي والشرق الأوسط،  حيث نؤمن أن النمو الناجح لأي شركة واستمراريتها يعتمد على جودة وكفاءة موظفيها. ومن المؤكد أن أدوات تقييم الموظفين التي توفرها شركة توماس ستساعد عملائنا في تحديد المواهب المناسبة وتوظيفها وتطويرها باستمرار".

ومن جانبه أعرب الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة توماس إنترناشيونال السيد غاي بالانتين: "نحن متحمسون للغاية لبدء هذه الشراكة مع شركة بروكابيتا باعتبارها واحدة من أهم الشركات الاستشارية في منطقة الخليج العربي والشرق الأوسط. ونحن نؤمن بأن شركة بروكابيتا هي الشريك الأنسب للتعاون معنا لتعزيز تواجدنا الحالي وتطبيق خطط التوسع في هذه المنطقة المهمة. علاوة على ذلك ، فإن استثمارات بروكابيتا الأحدث في ابتكارات أنظمة الموارد البشرية، ZENITHR Intelligence Solution  ، سيكون لها دور في دعم خططنا المشتركة في المنطقة بشكل أكبر."


7 Trends HR Departments Need to Prepare For in 2020


Not only is the global economy changing but so are the mentalities and habits of the working people, and hence why HR have the biggest challenge in 2020!

Below are some trends that HR departments ought to be prepared for, or in other terms, consider applying to keep up with the dynamic business environment.

1. AI & Automation

In recent years, most of the HR departments are relying more on automation to increase the efficiency of several HR processes that would use up lots of time and resources if done manually.  The automation trend will still be seen in 2020 and will continue to grow; however, Artificial Intelligence will join the game even more so in the upcoming year. 

“According to a study by Forrester, 53% of global data and analytics decision-makers say they have implemented, are in the process of implementing, or are expanding or upgrading their implementation of some form of artificial intelligence.”

This goes without saying that some jobs that needed humans, might now be lost to artificial intelligence, such as jobs that require manual operation of machinery and ones that require accounting skills. Though humans are still a crucial asset to organizations as without them, AI wouldn’t be possible, and neither would be feeding the system and following up on several tasks to ensure quality and adherence. Jobs that are safest from the impact of automation include engineers, scientists, IT professionals and many more.


2. HR Data & People Analytics

The focus on HR data and People Analytics is on the rise especially as organizations grow. The more employees an organization has, the more necessary it is for the organization to understand its employees and their behavior through analyzing HR data.

Understanding the data makes all the difference, as it is not enough to have it available without using it to recognize any gaps or opportunities. If applied accurately, this ensures employees’ productivity, overall well-being and the success of an organization.  

Several tools and solutions, such as ZENITHR, are being created in order to speed and simplify certain HR tasks by rapidly generating insights and reports from real-time HR data. It uses advanced descriptive and predictive analytical tools to better utilize data and easily spot any patterns and trends.


3. Employer Branding

One of the most important ongoing trends that will continue to grow in 2020, a trend that affects a company’s business, brand and culture, is Employer Branding. Employer Branding is the strategy of promoting a company to be the employer of choice to any desired and targeted candidate they want to attract, recruit and retain.

There will always be talented candidates, whether fresh graduates or experienced professionals, who seek bigger opportunities and a greater challenge. Due to that, a company is advised to give more attention to Employer Branding through all the stages of recruitment and on all platforms such as their website and online pages.

As an organization maintains a constant lookout for what employees are looking for in an employer and in a workplace, they will be assured that their brand is relevant and is what the people are seeking. Top trends of Employer Branding in 2020 are Authenticity, Growth, Personalization and Brand Association.


4. Employee Engagement

The HR trend of employee engagement is on the rise as employers use it to empower their employees and have them feel a sense of ownership and responsibility.  

Employee engagement is key to a better business. By listening to employees, they work harder and more innovatively, which subsequently leads to better quality products and more satisfied clients.

In 2020, more organizations are inclined to implement team building activities that build a bond between the employee and the company. They plan to focus on building a proper company culture that makes everyone feel comfortable, important and productive.


5. Remote Teams

A study by Global Workplace Analytics showed that ever since 2005, the remote workforce has increased by 140%!

Several companies have already shifted towards giving employees the choice to either work in the office or remotely. This trend will be more prevalent in 2020, especially with the support of advanced communication tools and team working platforms.  

Remote work will affect organizations that expect their employees to work a 9-5 job at the office and will decrease their chances of finding the right candidate. Subsequently, this entails that HR ought to adapt to this change and be more open to the idea of remote work while using the right tools to monitor and track the work of off-site employees. 


6. HR Outsourcing

No matter the scale of the business, HR outsourcing is seen to be done by several companies and will be sought after more often in 2020.

Whether a company does have an HR department, or not, HR outsourcing assists organizations in optimizing their performance and achieving their business goals through several strategies specifically studied and designed for the organization.

Other examples of HR outsourcing are payrolls and data collection and HR Analytics, that empower HR specialists to focus on other HR tasks rather such as candidate sourcing employer branding.


7. Gig Economy

Gig Economy is where 9-5 full-time work is no longer of workplace value because competition for self-employment is on the rise. Employees choose freelance projects and part-time contracts over full-time jobs, allowing them greater flexibility of time, physical workplace and project selection.

If a company chooses to participate in the Gig Economy, the HR department is advised to adhere to certain procedures that fit in with this growing economy and attract the right candidates.

This will require HR to prepare training material that is well-designed in order to share it with any new and changing resources to get the job done efficiently. If a company does decide to step into the Gig Economy, HR consulting firms may advise companies on how to write the training material as well as support them in recruiting the right candidate.


Conclusion: A change in HR is coming!

While some trends are already being seen in action these past few years, they will remain to stay, grow and have a bigger effect on HR functions. Companies are advised to catch up with these trends in order to attract and retain the right talent to see the most benefit across the workforce as well as the overall business.

It is not easy adapting to these changes as it will require loads of planning, restructuring, and training; however, the results will be super rewarding and the company will be amongst the top.

If a company does decide to follow certain trends, there are several resources, tools, and solutions that can help them make this shift in the HR department. Adapting to these trends will increase HR productivity, overall employee satisfaction, and an organization’s success.


Diala Al-Otaibi
Senior Executive

Copywriting & Research