HR Advisory

PROCAPITA offers a wide range of HR programs as per the following:

PROCAPITA’s HR Assessment aims at evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the Human Resources Function within organizations. It assists organizations in identifying areas of improvement pertaining to HR practices in order to ensure optimizing HR operations, reducing operating costs and helping organizations achieve the highest level of maturity of the implemented HR functions as per the leading practices.

PROCAPITA’s HR Assessment may cover (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Organization Detailing
  • Workplace Environment
  • Rewards Management
  • Performance Management

Having a dedicated HR Department with a well-articulated HR Strategy focusing on elevating the HR department to assure a strategic role in the organization that will contribute to the overall efficiency, transparency between management & employees, accordingly improving employees’ moral and managing an accepted turnover rates.

PROCAPITA assists organizations in setting the HR department strategy, goals, mission, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for the purpose of developing a functional and effective department with a clear scope, objectives, plans, resources, requirements and service framework to successfully achieve organizational objectives.

The Organizational Structure is a visual representation of how the organization intends to assign roles, authorities and responsibilities to its employees, in addition to demonstrating how the information flows between different levels of management within the organization.

Having a well-designed Structure enables the organization to successfully execute its overall strategy, clarifies reporting relationships and facilitates the decision making process.

PROCAPITA assists organizations, through utilizing its robust methodology and knowledge, in translating corporate strategies and operating model into an organization structure, as well as defining the respective functional roles & responsibilities statements.

A Job Description entails a summary of the key roles & responsibilities of a particular job. It includes the main roles & duties assigned, as well as the qualifications required to perform the job in an effective and efficient manner.

PROCAPITA assists organizations through utilizing its robust methodology and knowledge, in addition to following a thorough job analysis approach, in developing and customizing Job Descriptions according to the organization and industry specifications and requirements.

Performance Management aligns the organizational strategy with actions to improve the organizational performance using different tools such as the Balanced Scorecards. It helps in communicating the strategy across the organization, managing the performance, and providing management with key information needed to make decisions and act with confidence.

PROCAPITA assist organizations in designing a solid performance management framework that links strategy to execution through developing the corporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned to the organizational strategy and facilitating the development of the departmental objectives by cascading down the corporate objectives.

Competency dictionaries outline the main behavioral and technical competencies required for a job, along with the required proficiency levels. It is a key component in several HR Programs including training needs analysis, recruitment, and job descriptions.

PROCAPITA assist organizations in designing competency framework and dictionaries to allow organizations to accurately  match the skillset of an employee with the job requirements. In addition, the same facilitates the employees’ development of the skills needed to perform a job.

The Compensation & Benefits structure defines different levels of jobs or groups of jobs with reference to their relative internal value according to the job evaluation and grading structure results and external relativities as identified through performing Market and Salary/ Bespoke  surveys.

Having a robust Compensation & Benefits structure impacts the motivation level of employees which consecutively affect their productivity.

PROCAPITA designs Compensation & Benefits structure in line with the organization reward philosophy and overall strategy to assist the organization achieves the highest level of internal & external equity, increasing employees’ satisfaction rate, as well as gaining competitive advantage within the market.

Policies, Processes, and Procedures Manuals provide the framework within which an organization operates.

Having properly documented PPPM’s helps in creating a clear set of rules, guidelines and controls for the organization to follow.

PROCAPITA assists organizations in developing PPPM’s in line with the leading industry practices, in order to drive the respective operations of the organization.

Having a well-structured Delegation of Authority Matrix in place will positively impact employee productivity, as well as the overall organizational performance.

PROCAPITA assists organizations in developing effective Delegation of Authority matrices in line with the overall strategy that clarifies the responsibility of respective activities related to key organizational processes.

Having clear Incentive Schemes and plans within the organization, promotes motivation and retention among employees, the achievement of performance targets,  and the establishment of a  progressive remuneration practice.

PROCAPITA assists organizations by designing and implementing Short Term and Long Term Incentive Schemes (STI & LTI) in line with their business strategy in order to maximize employee motivation and retention.

Career Path Development is the growth of employees and progress to higher positions within the organization. It refers to various positions that an employee might move to as he grows within the organization.

Designing Career Path Plans ensures that each employee’s potential is developed to its fullest extent and there is a career mapped out for him/her in the service. The same improves retention, employee morale and job satisfaction leading to higher return on investments from employees.

PROCAPITA assists organizations in developing their Career Path Plans in accordance with their organizational requirements and overall strategy.

The Succession Planning process aims at identifying and preparing employees with the potential to fill key business critical positions to ensure business continuity within the organization.

PROCAPITA designs, develops and implements succession plans and their related policies & processes, which provide an overarching framework for career development, business continuity and individual transition within the organization.

Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work.

Engaged employees are committed to achieving their organization's goals, and are motivated to contribute towards the organizational success with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

Employee Engagement is the starting point in establishing an effective motivation system and organizational development programs. PROCAPITA designs Employee Engagement/ Satisfaction Surveys that provide insight into the overall level of employee engagement and employee satisfaction within the organization.

Traditionally, companies have long focused on employee orientation which includes a wide range of administrative tasks aimed at introducing the new employee to the workplace. However, with growing new-hire turnover rates, companies are adopting new tactics and strategies to better select, assimilate, and retain this critical employee group.

PROCAPITA assist organizations in developing and implementing Onboarding Program, which not only aim at ensuring the new employee is introduced to the company, but also in helping new employees to culturally acclimate. PROCAPITA Onboarding Program focuses on understanding the competencies and cultural requirements, measuring the success of the new hire in the organization, coordinating multiple internal functions to seamlessly support, among other factors.

The term Human Resources Utilization describes how effectively an organization employs and utilizes its employees. Human Resources Utilization studies are usually carried out to determine the adequate number of employees to perform the different tasks in a function, as well as identifying any surplus or shortage in Human Resources supply within the organization.

PROCAPITA assists organizations in identifying the Human Resources requirements in terms of number of employees as per the work load assessment of each function/ division/ department within the organization.

PROCAPITA offers implementation support services to help its clients in maximizing their operational efficiency. PROCAPITA offers its assistance through two models: Co-Sourcing, whereby PROCAPITA works closely with the clients’ teams to ensure the suitable implementation support; and Outsourcing, whereby PROCAPITA takes full control of the function and runs it to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency.