SANAD Business Solutions

SANAD Business Solutions - a division of PROCAPITA - aims at assisting Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) by providing them with a collection of customized HR & Administration solutions designed to help entrepreneurs focus their time and effort on the core activities of their businesses.


  • Focus on your core business activities
  • Reduce the HR and Administration set-up cost
  • Comply with laws and regulations complaint HR operations
  • Access to experienced professionals with the ability to take prompt actions
  • Fast reaction to obstacles facing HR and Administration , with preset risk mitigations measures
  • Access to leading practices

They cover their services in the following areas:

SANAD provides SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with the required support to governmental affairs through its experienced and knowledgeable professional Governmental Services team.

It provides the following Governmental Affairs Services in line with local laws and regulations:

  • Establish companies
  • Issue articles of association
  • Renew licenses
  • Update any Changes to partnerships
  • Obtain Partners’ signatures and issue authorized signatory certificate
  • Issue, renew, transfer, and cancel staff residency permits
  • Register new brands and obtaining the distribution rights for the same
  • Issue Work permits including medical tests and fingerprints
  • Issue and renew employee Medical cards (When applicable)
  • Issue and renew employee Medical cards (When applicable)
  • Issue and renew national ID cards
  • Register companies in PIFSS
  • Register /cancel national workers in PIFSS
  • Issue various documents from PIFSS

SANAD’s Recruitment Services provides SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)  with candidates of qualification and capability that will ultimately pave the way for success and growth.

SANAD’s SMEs Recruitment Services include the following:

  • Identifying job profiles
  • Candidate search
  • Initial pre-screening and interviews
  • Reference checks (when applicable)
  • Shortlisting the best candidates
  • Advisory on selection
  • Follow-up throughout the probation period

SANAD provides SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with a customized cloud-based HR application which empowers them like never before, through centralizing their HR function and handle the activities on a timely manner. This technology has a significant impact on businesses through reducing the time and effort required to streamline HR operations, in addition to increasing the accuracy and safety of information, while decreasing number of errors.

The application shall allow the following features:

  • Payroll administration
  1. Manage all payroll transactions (including indemnity calculations) on a monthly basis.
  2. Prepare payroll report analysis as required.
  3. Sending salary pay-slips to the employees via the system.
  • Employee Files, Records, and contracts:
  1. Personal record keeping and updating employees’ data.
  2. Prepare employee contracts in compliance with Kuwait labor law and company’s policy.
  • Leaves and Permissions Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Benefits and Allowances Administration
  • Processing all employees’ benefits as per the company’s policy and employment contracts.
  • Workflow Management.
  • Employees Resignation and Termination Management and Report
  • Employees Appraisals Management and Reports
  • Employees Training Management and Report
  • Business Trips Management and Reports

SANAD’s HR Consulting services empowers SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with a comprehensive and functional Human Resources framework that will ultimately enhance the company’s infrastructure and result in organizing the work and provide opportunities of growth.

SANAD provides its clients with wide range of customized solutions to ensure that the company is aligned with the leading practices through developing/ updating the followings:

  • Organizational Structural Design
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Policies and Processes
  • Employee handbook and Onboarding program
  • HR Delegation of Authority Matrix
  • Compensation and Benefits Structure Design
  • Commission Schemes
  • Performance Management Framework Design.


SANAD’s  Outsourcing services help SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) focusing on achieving targeted results, increasing their productivity and decreasing the time spent on HR and Administration activities.

SANAD manages the following HR transactions to ensure smooth operations within the HR & Admin function and to guarantee that all tasks are being handled in an efficient and timely manner:

  • Manage all Payroll related calculation (Monthly payroll, overtime, End of Service Benefits, etc.)
  • Administer all employment contracts and Job Offers
  • Maintain Employees’ files updated
  • Prepare the HR letters (Informative letters, salary certificate, change of status form, experience certificate, etc.)
  • Process and implement all staffing changes including transfers, staff exit, etc.
  • Manage employees‘ vacations, leaves, and permissions
  • Manage Employees’ loans as per the company’s policy
  • Implement the approved Grading and Benefits Structure
  • Administer and process Compensation and Benefits
  • Provide neutral point of contact for employees offering advice and counsel
  • Attend management meetings (when required) through monthly site visits
  • Provide progress report on monthly basis pertaining to the performed tasks