Thomas International Assessment Certification Training

Public Course

This is a two-day course that will teach you the mechanics of the behavioral profiling, what it can do for your people and how it can help your business. It explains the background and theory of the system and the terminologies used. It equips you with practical skills such as how to read a PPA profile, how to give feedback to candidates, how you can modify your behavior to manage your team, how and when to use the assessments, the reports available and how your organization can benefit from using them.

Our trainer will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to confidently give feedback to candidates and colleagues. The course will also explain how you can best modify your behavior to manage your team, how and when to apply the assessments, and the reports available that will benefit your organization.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive your PPA Report as well as answering any questions you may have. Each delegate will also receive international certificate of accreditation as a PPA Practitioner.

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    June, July, August 2023

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    10:00 AM – 4:30 PM



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