Corporate Governance

PROCAPITA assists its clients in defining and setting Corporate Governance practices to achieve higher transparency and improved control, with the main objective of identifying the responsibilities and authorities of the Board of Directors, partners and shareholders, and the executive management of the organization.

Full spectrum of services

PROCAPITA provides a range of services within Corporate Governance as per the following:

Corporate and Family Governance

Governance is the framework that defines the roles, responsibilities and authorities of the Board of Directors, Owners and Executive Management members of the organization.

Policies, Procedures, and Processes Manuals Development

Policies, Processes, and Procedures Manuals (PPPM) provide the framework within which an organization operates, and thus having properly documented PPPM’s helps in creating a clear set of rules, guidelines and controls for the organization to follow.

PROCAPITA assists organizations in developing PPPM’s for all organizational functions in line with the leading industry practices.

Delegation of Authority Matrix

Having a well-structured Delegation of Authority Matrix (DoA) in place will positively impact employee productivity, as well as the overall organizational performance.

PROCAPITA assists organizations in developing an effective Delegation of Authority matrix in line with the overall strategy that clarifies the responsibility and authorities of respective activities related to key organizational processes and the needed level of control.

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